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About Us

About Us


While staying focused on trends and innovations, we remain committed to standing firmly behind our offerings. FordDirect continues to make significant investments in the latest technologies and how we provide the best customer service to our customers. We have doubled our field team of digital performance managers who focus on providing trusted consultation to our dealer customers. We've created a high-touch dealer support center and we've invested in leading edge monitoring and analytics to make sure the services we offer are operating flawlessly.

The bottom line is we succeed when our customers do. To us, there's no better way to demonstrate our customer focus than aligning our bottom line goals to those of Ford Motor Company and its Ford and Lincoln dealers. So, when dealers sell more Fords and Lincolns and market share increases, this is success for FordDirect. When dealers improve customer satisfaction and grow leads, this is success for us too. Aligning our goals keeps us incredibly focused on what's important to our clients.


FordDirect was created to harness the power of digital, and we are obsessed with creating solutions for our dealers and being a leading force in the digital transformation of the auto industry.

We know digital marketing is complex, and there's no one-size-fits-all product. That's why FordDirect is far more than a retailer of tools and techniques. We provide powerful, omni-channel marketing solutions that work together to connect you to customers and customers to you.

We have invested in monitoring and analytics to ensure that services are operating not only without incident, but also at peak performance. Our mission is to provide dealers best-in-class solutions that are supported and executed flawlessly in market.


Data is the backbone of your digital marketing. And we are both data-driven and data-savvy. From all the digital touchpoints, to the vehicle, to the dealer, to Ford Motor Company, we are the central hub connecting all of them together. Our data scientists, our digital performance managers and our entire team are focused on the data-driven art and science of digital retailing and performance marketing.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze millions of consumer interactions and design advanced advertising and marketing campaigns. We create smarter interactions and connected experiences that drive results and help you further engage customers in the purchase funnel.


As the digital world moves at hyper drive, today's customers are moving fast, too. They zoom between channels, going from social media to websites to advertising to email and back again.

And while it's important to have a presence in all these channels, presence alone is not enough. That's why FordDirect provides an omni-channel approach, in which all channels – advertising, social media, your website, CRM and others – are integrated, creating a unified brand experience for the customer.

Knowing what customers do at each touchpoint and how they experience your brand is where we excel. Our solutions and tools help you manage these complex customer interactions, whether it’s in the traditional or digital worlds. Our analytics provide powerful value – allowing you to get a single view of the customer across all channels – so you can initiate and respond to dynamic customer interactions no matter what device they’re on.


FordDirect is well positioned to deliver maximum effectiveness and value. But we never stand still. Our team of seasoned industry experts is constantly scanning for the next trend, the next opportunity, the next solution to turn data into sales and help dealers grow their business.

Thinking “future-forward” is really important. Because our value isn’t just in being really good at what is already in place. Our value is in building new subject matter expertise in areas where none exists.

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